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Mexican T-Shirts

An ever growing segment of the population of the United States claims Hispanic heritage of some sort, with Mexican descent being the top growing heritage. What about you? Can you claim Mexican heritage as part of your ancestry, or entirely? This entire page will be dedicated to finding great apparel to wear in honor of your Mexican heritage, including Mexican t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, and other apparel. Now, on to the shirts!

mexican t-shirtsFirst, we’ll take a look at a store called Mexitees. This store specializes in Mexican heritage t-shirts and gifts. Designs range from the obvious, like the Mexican flag, to Luchador themed, guacamole tees, Mexican-American t-shirts, to funny Mexican t-shirts. Some of the highlights of the store include the I Love Mexico t-shirts section, which includes over twenty designs celebrating different aspects of the culture, from food to cities and states. Other highlights are the Caution immigrants crossing t-shirt (an actual road sign in San Diego, and much part of Mexican culture today),  the colorful Mexican logo shirt, and the spicy chili pepper shirt.

There are a variety of other great Mexican t-shirts to choose from from a multitude of talented designers across the web, but we’ve decided to aggregate some of our personal favorites all on one page. Take a look at the ones below and see if you agree:

captain mexicoCaptain Mexico T-Shirt

Has any superhero captured the hearts of American, I mean, Mexican citizens better than the courageous, sombrero wearing Captain Mexico? It’s an obvious design that pokes a little fun at the cliche of Captain America, and gives him a south of the border twist. Ironically, this fitted t-shirt is made in the USA, too, but don’t tell El Capitan here. Now if only Marvel Comics would invest some serious thought and cash into this character so we could see him in comic books and in massive summer blockbuster movie…

luchador t-shirtLuchador T-Shirt
Luchadors keep pro wrestling interesting. Instead of relying on boring grapples and headlocks, these guys fly all over the wrestling ring, from the top posts, in and out of the ropes, and specializing in plenty of over-the-top acrobatic moves. The mask is the most important part of Luchador/Lucha-Libre style wrestling, and remains a motif in the storylines and costumes. This tee features a mask commonly worn by Luchador wrestlers, which all have similar design themes. Very popular in Mexico, and very influential in the USA, too.

Day of the Dead t-shirtDay of the Dead Sugar Skull Womens T-Shirt

The Day of the Dead is a really unique celebration that rivals that of the Americanized, commercialized Halloween Day in the US and abroad. The Day of the Dead has trickled into the consciousness of t-shirt designers and tattoo artists, with sugar skulls (which are eaten in memory of the deceased on the Day of the Dead) becoming a popular motif. This tee features an especially colorful design on a purple/lavender womens t-shirt. Also available on other styles and colors.

vintage mexican flag t-shirtVintage Mexican Flag T-Shirt

Mexico’s flag, like most countries, is symbolic with its culture and ideals. The Mexican flag features three colors: red, white, and green. The colors are derived from the national liberation army in Mexico. The eagle coat of arms designs was based upon Aztec legend, and features an eagle perched upon a prickly pear cactus above a lake. The flag has changed many times, but the most recent incarnation has been adopted since the 1960’s. Now, imagine that design had been lying around, allowed to be weathered, worn, and sun beaten. That’s what this design looks like, a time weathered, but still beautiful and artistic rendition of the Mexican flag on a t-shirt. It looks best on black.

I Love My Mexican boyfriendI Love My Mexican Boyfriend T-Shirt

If you can’t be one, date one, right? There’s nothing more romantic than making your love public… very public! Wearing this t-shirt, you won’t even have to say it out loud. Just be seen, and you’ll be professing your love for your Mexican boyfriend wherever you go. An instant classic that your boyfriend will really appreciate and remember (perfect to wear on Valentine’s Day, too).

Mexican t-shirts from Mexitees

Here are some other websites that have some great looking Mexican t-shirts to choose from (click the links below to visit their Mexican t-shirt sections):

  • Zazzle – with customizable options and over 60 styles of shirts to choose from.
  • Mexican T-Shirts top ten list – featuring great, funny, and classic designs.

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