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Funny or Die T-Shirts

funny or dieFunny or Die is a website created by comedian Will Ferrell and screenwriter Adam McKay. The concept of the website is simple: be funny or die. Users vote on their favorite videos with a simple “funny” or “die” vote. Those that make the cut are kept on rotation, while the unfunny ones are sent to the crypt to “die.”

Famous contributors have taken part in some of the videos on the site, like Jerry Seinfeld, Paris Hilton, and Pee Wee Herman. Some sketch regulars are John C. Riley, James Franco, and Zach Galifianakis. If you’re looking for a break in your day, the website has some hysterical videos and columns.

If you’re already a fan of the website, you’ll know some of the skits like The Landlord, The Green Team, and Bat Fight. Here’s some of the apparel featured on their website:

where's the rentbat fight t-shirtBat Fight T-Shirt
Sing along!

Bat fight,
It’s anyone’s game,
Bat fight,
A test of will,
Bat fight,
Who’s gonna win,
Bat fight,
You never know who.

funny or die logo t-shirtFunny or Die Logo t-shirt

Features the familiar logo from the website. Show your support for one of the web’s funniest sites with this classic organic shirt (the Green Team would definitely approve since it’s organic… but don’t ask them, they may assault you)!

green team t-shirtGreen Team T-Shirt

Who knew being green was so violent? Just because they’re environmentalists, don’t assume that they’re tree hugging hippies. These guys don’t f* around. They make love to Mother Earth. No really. Dig a hole in Mother Earth, put in some water as a lubricant, and go to town on Mother Earth. Just a thought. (Okay, this is a reference to the Green Team video in case you didn’t know).

A few more products available from the Funny or Die store:

funny or die store

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