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Doors T-Shirts

The DoorsRock music is about pushing boundaries, having a voice, and exploring art in music. Few bands have come close to pushing the edge of perception than The Doors did from 1965-1971. In that short amount of time, frontman Jim Morrison became a rock icon, performing at small clubs in Los Angeles while they built their name and stage act. In a short time, the band had a number one hit with “Light My Fire” in the summer of 1967, followed by a stream of rock hits by the enigmatic singer-poet. While many came to concerts for their hits like “Hello I Love You” and “Touch Me,” concert goers will left with a whole new appreciation for the true artists, poets, and cutting edge musicians the band really were. Songs like the oedipal “The End” and epic “When the Music’s Over” seemed to put the audience into a deep trance state, as Morrison sang his poetry into the mic over the band’s emphasis.

Popular albums by the band were their 1967 self titled debut, Strange Days, Waiting for the Sun, Morrison Hotel, and their final album, L.A. Woman. These all have a presence on rock radio today in tracks like “Riders on the Storm” and “Roadhouse Blues.”

While the glory days of The Doors are behind us, the music will live forever. To celebrate this epic band’s devotion to art, poetry, and culture, and their impact on the rock scene of today, be sure to pick up one of the unique Doors t-shirts and merchandise featured on this shop page. You’ll find cool Jim Morrison tees, a band history, photos, and other merchandise for true fans. Also, Amazon has a great selection of officially licensed Doors t-shirts and collectibles.

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