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AC/DC T-Shirts

ACDC t-shirtsThunder! Fire! Who Made Who! These are famous battle cries by Brian Johnson of legendary rock band, and godfathers of heavy metal, AC/DC. Guitarist Angus Young, singer Bon Scott, and the rest of the band of the 70’s version of AC/DC were on fire with releases like “Powerage,” “High Voltage,” “Let There Be Rock,” and “Highway to Hell.” They were well on there way to becoming rock legends for their infectious grooves and rebellious croons in songs like “Whole Lotta Rosie,” “TNT” and “Let There Be Rock.” Unfortunately, alcohol abuse and a hard life of partying caught up with singer Bon Scott before the release of Back in Black in 1980.

As an ode to Scott, the band recorded Back in Black, which was there most successful album, and continues to be the best selling rock n’ roll album of all time. Recruiting singer Brian Johnson, the band bounced back to make the biggest comeback in rock history. Throughout the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s, AC/DC has continued to release blockbuster albums like The Razor’s Edge and Black Ice, accompanied by concert tours that are breaking attendance records with every show.

If you’re a huge fan of AC/DC, there’s an awesome selection of AC/DC t-shirts available to choose from on our shop page. These include their biggest albums, cool graphics, and of course, plenty of Angus. You can also find a full selection of hundreds of officially licensed AC/DC shirts available on Amazon.com.

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